Real Impact Dashboard

See the long term impact of marketing campaigns on business metrics

Real Impact Dashboard

Gain a Consolidated View of Campaign Performance

Campaign stats like conversions and click- through rates often fall short of showing the larger picture. Data-driven marketers want to know whether the campaigns had a positive impact on user behavior in a month, quarter, or even a year. Measuring the consolidated performance of campaigns over the long term through metrics like conversion and ARPU helps you understand the real impact of your marketing efforts.
Gain a Consolidated View of Campaign Performance

Track Metrics that Prove Marketing Efficiency

Demonstrate how your marketing efforts are moving the needle by showing marketing ROI. Report and track the metrics that indicate the direct impact of marketing and successfully tie marketing dollars spent to dollars earned. Focus on metrics like revenue, stickiness quotient, and retention.


Monitor the Health of Your Audience Using Recency and Frequency

Know how campaigns influence user behavior by tracking recency and frequency of user actions. Use RFM (Recency, Frequency, and Monetary) segments such as Champions, At Risk, or Loyal Customers to track your audience’s health score as they switch between lifecycle stages. And visualize users that transition from one segment to another over any time duration.
Monitor the Health of Your Audience Using Recency and Frequency<

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