Reach users that are currently not in your app by delivering messages that attract your user’s attention and get them back into your app.

Send personalized and media-rich push notifications to encourage app users to interact with your brand

Push notification features

Personalized messaging

Customize any part of the message with information or activity from the user’s profile such as name, location or product viewed.

Rich media support

Include images, video, or play audio and improve brand recall by showing a paused video or by sending a preview to your new product offering.

Interactive push notifications

Interact with your users directly from the push notification without having them leave the app or switch context.

A/B & Multivariate Testing for Push Notifications

Try multiple copies, message and CTA variations along with the ability to use split delivery or send campaigns to an audience subset.

Push notification campaign reporting

Analyze deliveries, click-through rates and goal conversions for your push notification campaigns. Track campaign specific goals including revenue along with daily, weekly and monthly trend reports for campaigns triggered via user actions. Get campaign reports delivered right in your inbox.

Push notifications API

Trigger push notifications from your existing systems using the CleverTap Notifications API. Send price-drop alerts to those users who’ve added a product to their wishlist, but haven’t yet purchased it, or send breaking news by directly integrating your content management system with CleverTap.


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