Use advanced behavioral insights to segment users and deliver timely, personalized engagement campaigns.

Why Personalize? Because It Works.

Personalization can improve CTRs by 94%. Instead of broadcasting generic messages to your entire user base, personalized notifications become an extension of your app’s core user experience.

User Profile

Target users by detailed demographics and location

Greet users by name

Run campaigns for birthdays, local holidays, and past purchase behavior

User Behavior

Target users by past and current app and web activity

Send timely, personalized messages to recapture abandoned carts

Share personalized recommendations and helpful reminders to boost engagement

Add Deep Links for a Seamless User Experience

Use deep links to send users directly to a specific screen in your app. For example, the next episode of a TV series they’ve watched, a relevant product promotion, or their shopping cart.


55 Billion

1 Billion

10 Billion