Deploy Personalized Marketing Campaigns at Scale

Build and send personalized messages that are localized to your app users no matter how large your user base or where they might be.

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Send billions of personalized marketing campaigns and deliver delightful user experiences – helping you boost user retention, revenue, and growth.

Scale Your Brand With Confidence

Grow from 100 users to 1 billion without breaking a sweat because we scale with you. Since CleverTap can process billions of events in a fraction of a second, you can respond to changes in customer behavior immediately.

Tailor Messages to Specific User Segments

One size does not fit all! When you send a generic message to your customers, you risk losing them. The best kind of communication is relevant to a user’s needs and experience. CleverTap gives you the ability to tailor your mobile marketing campaigns to every user segment.

Know Your Users Over Time

To know them is to ensure better engagement. With rich user profiles, you get a database of customers that can be enriched over time. The more they interact with your app the deeper customer insights you get – allowing you to run engagement campaigns backed by data.

Engage Users with Personalized Messaging

CleverTap empowers you to personalize campaigns with users’ in-app behavior and profile data. With their demographics, geolocation, and preferences plus their historic and current app activity, you can engage in more meaningful ways.
Analyze how users move from onboarding to monetization to churn.
Visualize all possible paths customers take after they perform an event.
Triggered and Scheduled Campaigns
Send campaigns at a scheduled time or trigger them based on a user’s actions.
Deep Linking
Allows users to engage quickly by taking them to an exact location within your app.

Convert Faster with the Help of AI & Machine Learning

95% of app users churn within the first 90 days – so being able to predict churn is critical! CleverTap’s RFM Analysis gives you the ability to view automated segments out of the box and predict churn by identifying your inactive users so you can build the campaigns to engage them.

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