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CleverTap helps you Convert, Retain and Grow you Mobile Users

Personalized Engagement Powered by Advanced Marketing Analytics
Marketing Analytics
Understand your user’s demographics and motivations to engage with your brand and use that knowledge to build lifetime customer value
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Build Personalized Experiences Across All Marketing Channels
Omnichannel Campaigns
Apply the power of machine learning and build personalized experiences across all marketing channels to deliver a seamless brand experience.
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Design Automated Campaigns Across Entire User Lifecycle
Marketing Automation
Design automated marketing campaigns across the entire user lifecycle, from acquisition and activation to retention and revenue.
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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Machine Learning
Leverage the power of machine learning to drive meaningful, frictionless conversations that help you stay highly relevant to users at all times.
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Send billions of Personalized Marketing Messages to your Users
Send billions of personalized marketing messages to your users and capitalize on all key mobile moments that drive growth for your business.
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Experiment & Learn
Experiment & Learn
Test new campaign ideas and quickly see impact on ROI or user engagement with immediate and actionable insights into user activity.
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CleverTap is FREE to track up to 10 million events per month

Behavioral analytics

  • Track activity down to the user
  • Analyze in real-time with Funnels, Cohorts & Trends
  • Track campaign attribution & app uninstalls

Smart segmentation & Personalized messaging

  • Segment users by activity & demographics
  • Schedule or trigger message delivery
  • Greet users by name or personalize
    messages by their app activity

Flexible platform

  • APIs to access all your user profiles & activity data
  • Trigger messages programmatically
  • Integrations with your third-party services

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