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About Amplitude

Amplitude is a leading digital analytics platform that helps companies unlock the power of their products. Thousands of customers rely on Amplitude to gain self-service visibility into the entire customer journey. With Amplitude, companies capture trusted data, uncover clearer insights, and take faster action. When teams understand how people are using their products, they can deliver better product experiences that drive growth.


  • Data Analytics
  • Customer Data Platform

About Amplitude

The joint value proposition of integrating Amplitude with CleverTap lies in combining Amplitude’s comprehensive analytics and user segmentation capabilities with CleverTap’s real-time engagement and marketing automation tools. Amplitude allows businesses to deeply analyze user behaviors and create precise segments, identifying opportunities for targeted interventions. CleverTap then uses these insights to execute timely and relevant campaigns, enhancing user engagement through personalized messaging and notifications. This synergy enhances user retention, improves conversion rates, and optimizes the overall user experience, enabling businesses to act swiftly on analytical insights and adjust strategies dynamically to drive growth and customer satisfaction.

Integration Benefits

  • Targeted Engagement Campaigns Use Amplitude to identify specific user cohorts based on behavior and engagement, send these cohorts to CleverTap to execute targeted marketing or engagement campaigns, then track the effectiveness of these campaigns by analyzing response data fed back into Amplitude.
  • Personalized User Experiences Tailor app experiences and marketing messages based on the cohort data from Amplitude. After these personalized strategies are deployed in CleverTap, capture user reactions and further refine your segmentation and personalization strategies in Amplitude.
  • Cross-Platform Behaviour Tracking Track user interactions across different platforms through CleverTap and feed this data back into Amplitude. This helps maintain a unified view of user behavior, enabling more accurate analytics and better decision-making regarding product and marketing strategies.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making Make informed decisions and optimize engagement strategies by leveraging the combined insights from CleverTap and Amplitude’s powerful analytics. Leverage Amplitude’s product analytics to create targeted cohorts in CleverTap for personalized engagement campaigns.