Run experiments where different versions of the output are shown to the audience and statistical analysis is used to evaluate which variation is most likely to achieve the desired objective.

Mobile A/B testing and data-driven marketing go hand-in-hand. Be confident about your business decisions by running tests that help bring intuition and data together.
AB Testing

Improve your users’
mobile experience

Mobile A/B product testing is an ongoing process. Analyze your users, understand their motivations to use your product, build those experiences that matter the most and evaluate the KPIs to keep creating more value. Designing, building and testing mobile apps has never been easier.

Experiment with your mobile
marketing strategies

Marketing is all about having the right conversations. Send multiple versions of the same message and see which version resonates the most with your target audience. Optimal marketing tactics based on mobile A/B tests are bound to significantly move the needle on your primary performance metrics.

Set up your hypothesis

Set up your hypothesis

Test your hypothesis

Test your hypothesis

Pick a winner

Pick a winner

Experiment with Live User Segments (Triggered)

Trigger messages to Live User Segments when a user’s current activity matches the criteria you’ve selected. For example: send a message when the user has completed a booking or purchase. Now watch the results as they happen in real-time.

Experiment with Past Behavior Segments

Analyze campaigns sent to Past Behavior Segments (grouping of users based on what they have done in the past). Launch a mobile A/B test to a percentage of your target audience or send out an absolute number of messages. We will deliver the variants equally to the test audience and you can sit back and see the results.

Split Delivery

Don’t want to pick a winner? That’s OK. Some use cases require you to send multiple variants of a message to your entire target audience without picking a winner. With Split Delivery you choose what percentage of your target audience receives which variant and we will deliver accordingly.

Deliver to a Subset of Target Audience

Need to send a message to just a subset your target audience? For example: Send a limited offer of a fixed number of coupon codes. If the total reach for your campaign exceeds the number of coupon codes you distribute, limit number of users who will receive the message to exactly the number of coupons you wish to distribute.

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