Mixpanel vs CleverTap

Why use Mixpanel when CleverTap's the better choice

CleverTap's segmentation is unmatched in the industry
Go deep in your data to understand what your users really do then message each segment across any marketing channel to drive the metrics that matter. With CleverTap you are always in complete control of your data to access it and take it wherever you need to.
"We were using Mixpanel but found that CleverTap provides a far superior offering for segmenting our users and engaging them in our app. We've discovered insights about our users we would have never found in Mixpanel. As for price, CleverTap is by far the better value."
Daniele Calabrese CEO, Streamago
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Feature Details
Active User & Data Limits
Events per Month Up to 10 Million per month Free 10,000 per month
Active Users and Profiles Unlimited MAUs and Profiles Pay for profiles
Behavioral Segments All plans
Live User Segments
Event Tracking and Trending
Uninstall Tracking
Real-time View
Device Cross-over Tracking
Install Attribution Tracking 3rd party integrations 3rd party integrations
Scheduled Campaigns
Triggered Campaigns Not real-time
Triggering based on Events AND Event Properties
Time of Day Targeting
Campaign Delivery Channels
Push, In-app, Email
Web Push (Chrome)
Web Pop Up
Facebook Audience Retargeting
Campaign Tracking
A/B Testing
Campaign Templates - NPS Surveys and Ratings
Data Accessibility
Preconfigured Dashboards
CSV Downloads
Unrestricted Server API Access
Personalization APIs - for customizing apps based on user activity