Create a Marketing Strategy Backed by a Robust Customer Data Platform

Centralize customer data to execute effective marketing campaigns that enrich the customer experience

CleverTap Customer Engagement Channels
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Email Browser
Web Push
Desktop & Mobile
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Desktop & Mobile
Exit Intent

Leverage Data for Better User Engagement

If you can get a better understanding of your existing customers, you can cross-sell and up-sell more effectively. CleverTap gives you the real-time insights needed to quickly test the impact of your marketing efforts.Marketing automation saves you from the tedious task of manually building deep links for each segment. E.g., Send social followers to a deep link on the blog, and discount email recipients to a deep link for a promo code in the app. Automate it!
User Engagement

Engage Users at Every Milestone, Efficiently

CleverTap stands above other mobile marketing automation tools with its efficient tools for building and visualizing user journeys. Plus, orchestrate omnichannel campaigns for multiple user segments in a single workflow.
Engage Users

Understand User Interactions Better

With Flows, visualize how users interact with your app so you can reach users on the right channel at just the right time.
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Onboarding, Stress-Free

Hook new users by automating an onboarding sequence that takes away the difficulty of handholding customers.
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Re-Engage Inactives, ASAP

Bring back users who haven’t used your app by sending out omnichannel engagement campaigns after a specific length of time.
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Win Users Back Quickly

Easily connect with those who’ve uninstalled by automating an email or SMS campaign to ask for feedback.
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Gain Back Precious Time for Strategy

Marketing automation for mobile apps isn’t just about chatbots or AI. It’s about creating a system that takes care of tedious admin tasks so you can focus more on running your business.
Marketing Automation

Clever Campaigns

Get out-of-the-box campaign templates to quickly increase app adoption & engagement.
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RFM Analysis

Automatically segment your users by in-app and real-time behavior.
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Explore your data better with a tool that helps you slice and dice it visually.
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Build your omnichannel campaigns via a visual, drag-and-drop editor.
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