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Many marketers are still unfamiliar how to use push notifications

Despite huge stores of data available :

  • Marketers still have trouble personalizing marketing campaigns
  • Messages still seem to be totally misaligned with consumer desires

Two-thirds of marketers still lack the ability to segment users based on their in-app behavior as well as potential.

According to new study by Forrester :

  • 67% of marketers say they can’t measure ROI on mobile
  • Only 27% confident that their mobile campaigns are profitable

Most apps are way behind when it comes to user experiences

  • While Amazon, Uber and Starbucks are offering users heavenly experiences, the remaining apps are way behind.

When your engagement leads to a message or coupon based on an action performed by the user, the experience can be made a magical one. But the power for rendering such experiences lies in data and the availability of it in the moments they occur.

  • Quick mobile retention primer +In-depth engagement strategies
  • Onboarding, Ongoing nurture, Advocacy or Attrition, as the case may
  • Detailed illustrations and screenshots included.

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