Mobile App Engagement, Delivered.

Behavioral Analytics, Smart Segments with Personalized Messaging all built on a Platform that gives you complete control

Engage and retain your users with a proven platform that scales with your business

CleverTap lets you understand behavior down to the individual, segment based on activity, and reach each user in the moment, as they interact with your App. Deliver personalized messaging with Push, InApp, Web, Email or retargeting campaigns.

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Understand your Users

Track activity down to the user. Analyze in real-time with Funnels, Cohorts & Trends. Track Campaign Attribution and App Uninstalls.


Smart Segmentation & Personalized Messaging

Target & Engage Individuals

Segment users by activity & demographics. Schedule or Trigger message delivery. Greet users by name or personalize messages by their app activity.



Control your Data

APIs to access all user profiles and activity data. Trigger messages programmatically. Integrations with your third-party services.

awesome customers
1.5+ Billion
events processed per day
150+ Million
messages sent per day
450+ Million
device installs

Getting started takes less than 10 minutes

CleverTap’s SDK works on every major platform