With Funnels, Uncover Your App Drop-offs
and Increase Conversions

Track user flows and drop off points in your app with funnel analysis.

Why are Funnels Important
to Marketers?

Funnels allow you to identify how users navigate your app and where they drop off before reaching a conversion step. They help you plot a series of actions performed by the user and answer critical questions such as:

  • Where are we losing most of our customers once they sign up?
  • How long do my users take to upgrade?
  • What do users do after playing a song?
Funnel analysis can be critical if you want to create an effective onboarding flow or track where your users drop off in their purchase journey. A standard conversion funnel for an online food delivery app may look like this:
Why are Funnels Important to Marketers?

Funnel Analysis by User Segments

Different users tend to follow different conversion paths. Do users acquired from Facebook convert faster than organic ones? Do users with a promotion code purchase more than the others?

CleverTap Funnels allow you to restrict your analysis to specific user segments so you can create the most optimal funnels. Use a combination of behaviors and user properties to identify your most valuable conversion paths.
Funnel Analysis by User Segments

Split Funnels & Compare App User Behavior

Split funnels by any event property or profile property to quickly compare user paths across geographies, product categories, technographics and much more.

Are Android users more likely to make a purchase? Do users in Asia convert faster than those in Europe?

Identifying custom properties to compare drop offs can be valuable to your growth strategy. You can even customize the conversion window for a better view of your conversion points.
Split Funnels & Compare App User Behavior

Analyze Time Taken Between User Actions

How long does it take to move a user toward conversion? Track the time between various critical user actions and trigger messages based on KPIs that matter. Reduce user drop offs by engaging customers with the right message, at the right time, and at the right step in the mobile marketing funnel.
  • Look at Time-Bound Trends

    Analyze how long it takes users to complete actions and find the optimal times for communication.

  • Find Segments More Likely to Convert

    Look at users who are more successful at certain steps so you know whom to target in the future.
Analyze Time Taken Between User Actions

Optimize Funnel Analysis with Flows

CleverTap Flows is an effective way to augment your funnel analysis. Flows allows you to isolate all possible ways in which your customers navigate in your app from a given point.

It helps you determine the exact customer journeys that lead to conversions or drop offs by taking the guesswork out of the plotting the critical steps in your analysis. You can use Flows to determine everything from stickiness of your app to effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.
Optimize Funnel Analysis with Flows

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