Once you’ve found the right users you can reach them on every channel


Send personalized, timely Push Notifications to reach your users. Schedule them on a certain date and time or trigger them off a certain user behavior.

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Show contextual messages to your users while they’re in your app. Great for sending the perfect messages right when users perform a specific activity.

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Message users when they visit your website or reach them on mobile while in their browser.

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Reach users via targeted email messages while they are not on your app. Welcome users, drive conversions or encourage them to try the latest features.

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Extend your reach with SMS messages. Personalize and trigger messages just like a Push Notification to reach users in the moment.

Personalize Every Message

  • Address the user by name
  • Reflect their usage in messages
  • Include a deep link or custom key value pair to take a user to a specific page

Targeted messages that arrive in context get up to 5X the click through rates than the one-size-fits-all kind. A personalized experience results in higher engagement and retention rates among users.

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Schedule or Trigger Campaigns based on the User's Behavior

When a user purchases a 5th time

send email

When a user Views a Catalog Item

send push after 15 minutes with a coupon

For users who have written at least one review in the past 60 days

send In App next time they login

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Retarget Segments on Facebook

Generate user segments in CleverTap and use those segments to build custom audiences for your Facebook ads


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