CleverTap Industry Benchmarks

How does your app’s performance compare to your competition in click-through rates and view rates? Use this exclusive Live Benchmarks page to see how your email and push notifications perform vs. the rest of your industry. And because this page is live, you’ll always have the latest benchmark data.

    Push Notifications

    More than 1.47 Trillion push notifications analyzed. Data derived from over 820,000 campaigns across 370 customers.


    More than 64 billion emails analyzed. Data derived from almost 200,000 campaigns across 325 customers.

    Average Push Notification CTRs across months:

    Average Push Notification CTRs across weekdays:

    Email View Rate Stats:

    Average Email View Rate: 26.26%

    Email Click Rate Stats:

    Average Email Click Rate: 1.65%

    Key Metrics

    • Retention Benchmarks: Stickiness (DAU/MAU): 19.38%
    • Uninstall and Reinstall Benchmarks:
      Uninstall Rates

      26.34% of new users uninstall within a month. Of these users, 80% uninstall within the first 11 days.

      Reinstall Rates

      15.04% of users reinstall within a month. Of these users, 80% reinstall within the first 14 days.

    • Engagement Benchmarks: Average app launches per month: 9.08