Case Study

Styl increased their click-through rate by 200% and doubled their conversions by engaging the right users at the right time with CleverTap's pre-built marketing campaigns.

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STYL - the company

Styl is a mobile app that lets you book and pay for salon appointments in under three minutes. Styl wants to become the go-to app for booking hair appointments and exploring current style trends.

The Challenge

Increase click-through rate, conversions and minimize uninstalls

Styl had three distinct challenges:

  • Educate users on Day 1 to get them hooked on Styl‘s easy-to-use model.
  • Increase the Click through and Conversion rates via email.
  • Track and minimize uninstalls.
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The Solution

CleverTap’s Clever Campaigns

With CleverTap’s analytics, Styl determined that sending an email eight hours after installation generated the strongest engagement.

Using CleverTap’s pre-built marketing ‘Welcome User’ campaigns, they sent a pleasant on-boarding email with a coupon explaining the benefits of the Styl app.

They were also able to compare offers and determine that conversion rates were higher with an “Add a Coupon” CTA versus asking the user to immediately book an appointment.

Using ‘Tackle the uninstall’ Campaigns, they reached out to users who uninstalled their app and generated positive responses.

Key Results

  • Increased click-through rate (CTR) by 200% and conversions 2x.
  • 34% CTR and 46% Conversion rates on repeat bookings (via Push Notification reminders).
  • The Call-to Action –  “Add a Coupon” resulted in fewer uninstalls because once a user added a coupon, their tendency to uninstall the app became much less and below their 38% goal.
  • For app uninstalls, sending a well-written and earnest email from the CEO resulted in receiving Opens at a staggering rate of 81% with users responding with their specific pain points along with very positive feedback on their great customer service.
  • Also sending an in app notification for ratings at the right time (say, right after they made a booking) resulted in receiving higher ratings and a conversion rate of 5%.

CleverTap helped us understand our users better and smarter. The Clever Campaigns feature especially saves a good amount of time in setting up campaigns, segmenting and targeting the users. A great tool for analytics & marketing automation.

Srikanth Ch, Product & Strategy- Styl