Case Study

Streamago realizes early success with CleverTap and increases retention by 49% with Day 1/3/7 campaigns


Streamago - the company

Streamago, a trendy new live video streaming app, is becoming a natural phenomenon for today’s millennials, delivering a new way to socialize through live video and live video selfies with friends, family and communities.

The Challenge

Increase user retention early on key geographic regions with targeted localized support.

Streamago wanted to engage and retain their users in Italy, Romania and other parts of the world by providing the users a platform and messaging specific to their language and regional preferences.

The question posed was how can we engage the users in the first 10 days after download in order to increase app launches and get users hooked early on.

Streamago image

The Solution

CleverTap’s 'Day 1/3/7' push campaigns and hyper geo-segmentation

Streamago utilized CleverTap’s powerful geographic segmentation and multi-language support to send personalized campaigns in the user’s native language based on their geographic location (i.e., Italy, Romania, and other European countries). They sent out these campaigns on Days 1/3/7 which resulted in increase in App launched, Stayed on the app for 2 minutes or more and Clicked through rates on their content.

Key Results

Their geo-based targeted Days 1/3/7 push campaigns increased their click-through rate by 11%, dramatically increasing their retention numbers in the first 10 days post download by 49%.

We have been using Mixpanel earlier but we found out that CleverTap definitely provides a superior offering in terms of user engagement and segmentation which allows us to influence users based on their in app behavior. Moreover, we are extremely happy at their pricing that really allows us to create a multitude of events that we can track, at a very minimal cost. They also provided very hands on support to help us through the migration process which made it extremely simple, in addition to working with us to create a smart and effective event design to meet all our tracking requirements.

I feel that if you are a new or growing business, CleverTap is the best platform to go with because not only do they have a better product offering, but it comes at a very affordable cost that allows you to grow your business without worrying about the cost."

Daniele Calabrese, CEO