Case Study

ixigo used Clever Campaigns to automatically reach out to users who had uninstalled their app, which generated a 12.5% response rate.



ixigo is India’s go-to travel platform and helps more than 6 million customers with information tailored to help them book the perfect trip. Cabs, trains, flights, and hotel bookings? It’s all systems go, with ixigo!


12.5% of the users who received the timely email survey responded with helpful tips that were crucial in addressing the pain points of their app.

ixigo uninstall image


Tracking uninstalls

ixigo was keen to track and find out the reason behind app uninstalls. They wanted to identify the users' pain points in order to provide a better user experience each time.


CleverTap’s Clever Campaigns

ixigo sent out an automated email survey through CleverTap’s “Tackle app uninstalls” Clever Campaign to users who uninstalled their app. They sent out a survey with a creative image asking them the reason behind their uninstall which was received very well.

"CleverTap is the perfect platform for any growth hacker in the industry. It is not just about analytics and segments, but they work with you on suggesting clever campaigns, optimization and how to better use your data!"

Himanshu Periwal, Vice President - Growth