Case Study

CleverTap’s segmentation enabled Flyrobe to retarget through other platforms and reduced Cost Per Transaction 10X on their Facebook Custom Audience Campaign



Flyrobe is India’s largest fashion rental service. Their unique on-demand, go-to wardrobe is for every occasion, girls’ brunches to official lunches and club nights to first-class flights. Flyrobe is one of a kind.


10x reduction in Cost Per Transaction in one campaign

The most important metric for Flyrobe is the Cost Per Transaction (CPT) of any particular campaign. Using CleverTap segmentation and focusing on Facebook Audiences, they were able to reduce their CPT 10x compared to similar acquisition ads run directly on Facebook.

5x reduction in Cost Per Transaction OVERALL

In addition, their average CPT for their Facebook custom audience program was reduced by 5X.



Flyrobe had two distinct challenges:

  • Make customers aware that this new category (fashion rental) existed in order to get them to try the service
  • Engage users at different stages of their customer experience and personalize ads to increase sell through

As a category creator, Flyrobe has to constantly educate customers about their service. Their biggest challenge is communicating their USPs to users so that they consider this new way to meet their wardrobe needs. Since users are at different stages of the journey (e.g. never tried the service versus regular user), each group needs to be told a unique story. In order to accomplish this, it’s critical to leverage past behavior and show them content relevant to their app and website activity.


Deploy CleverTap for rich customer profiles, segmentations, user actions tracking, push, in-app and Facebook custom audience based on user actions (a solution that was not possible with their previous mobile engagement platform).

Their primary aim with CleverTap was to segment customers according to the activities they performed inside the app. In order to achieve this, they started using CleverTap’s Facebook Audiences capability to run Facebook engagement ads. They were immediately able to place users in different buckets: users who had added an item to their cart; users who viewed the same item two or more times; users who had uninstalled; and other common behaviors. With this segmentation, they were able to target communication in each ad showing users the items that would move them forward in their user journey.

For example, when a user searched in the app for a dress in a particular size or color, Flyrobe was able to capture these user actions and properties in CleverTap by Dress Viewed, by Name, Size, Color etc. Users that had searched a dress multiple times or had looked at multiple dresses could be sent a dress-related ad that leveraged that customer behavior. By automatically using the collected data, Flyrobe could hyper target their ads, increasing conversion and better managing their Facebook spend.

"CleverTap has proven to be a valuable and effective platform for targeted user engagement. Their segmentation capabilities have enabled us to tell a different story to different customers based on where they are in their user journey. The highlight for us was the ease at which we could do retargeting through Facebook based on this segmentation so we could target specific campaigns to specific customers who have viewed a dress more than twice or added to wishlist etc. CleverTap's ability to engage with users in real time and based on their in app behavior is something that sets them apart from others in this space."

Shubham, Big Data Analytics