Case Study

Faasos reduced cart abandonment with a 7% increase in conversion rate using CleverTap's push campaigns.

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Faasos - the company

Faasos is one of India’s top food delivery apps, serving a range of delicacies to 4 million customers, all with just a few clicks. Delivering over 30,000 meals a day in 15 cities all over metropolitan India, they use insightful user analytics and engagement to sustain their large user base.

The Challenge

Reduce cart abandonment and increase sell through

On average, shopping cart abandonment rates among online shoppers is 69%.  For food delivery companies, if a user abandons cart during meal times it’s unlikely they’ll ever make that purchase. Faasos wanted to avoid this specific problem with their lunchtime and dinnertime customers adding items to cart and not purchasing within the hour.

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The Solution

CleverTap’s 'Action/Inaction' Push Campaigns

With CleverTap’s push campaigns, Faasos was able to bring users back to the app to place an order. They leveraged CleverTap’s action/inaction campaigns to send push notifications to users exactly 15 minutes after they added an item to their cart but didn’t purchase it. Sending these push notifications within the mealtime window reminded the users of the items they hadn’t yet purchased and resulted in an increase in the users who made purchases.

Key Results

With CleverTap’s push notifications, Faasos saw a 30% increase in click-through rates and a 7% increase in conversion. Timely, relevant notifications helped them significantly reduce their cart abandonment rates.

"CleverTap has been an effective platform for us to engage with our users in a timely fashion. Many studies have shown that at least one out of 2 shoppers have said that they would go through with the purchase of products left in their cart, if they were approached again; so we wanted to leverage this situation early on. CleverTap's action/inaction campaigns really enabled us to reach out and convert users who abandoned their carts. Their ability to engage with users in real time has changed the game for us with increased conversions from abandoned cart scenarios and I would highly recommend them to others in this space."

Revant, Head of Marketing, Faasos