Bigtree Entertainment founded in 1999 is India’s premier comprehensive entertainment ticketing applications and analysis solutions provider.

With an investment by the Network18 Group, BIGTREE ENTERTAINMENT PVT. LTD has launched an aggregator service called – A Movie & Entertainment ticketing service.

Book MyShow allows movie fans & entertainment seekers to book tickets for movies, plays & live events across digital sales channels.

Engagement Platform & Analytics

  • Website & Mobile Application
  • Ecommerce & Event Ticketing

BookMyShow - Making Apps Smarter!

CleverTap is a trusted partner for BookMyShow. They offer an advanced Mobile CRM Technology, which lets us implement complex yet easy to set-up automated scenarios for our Android, iOS, and Windows app users. The impact of having CleverTap is clearly seen in our conversions and traffic that has increased over 50% in the last several months.

Marzdi Kalianiwala, Vice President, BookMyShow

Founded in 2007, BookMyShow enjoys the distinction of being one of the early pioneers in mobile commerce and is a leader in the entertainment ticketing space in India with 25 million app downloads. Over the years, the company has grown to 250 cities and drives 10 million ticket sales per month across multiple categories such as movies, sports, and events. The company recognized they required a robust mobile engagement platform and identified CleverTap as a premier partner to help spearhead their growth.

Challenges & Objectives

Every mobile marketer faces difficulties in driving engagement, increased retention and maintaining on-going mobile app revenue. BookMyShow identified targeting first-time users was the biggest challenge they faced in today’s competitive landscape.

The company wanted to engage users based on their browsing patterns at various stages on their website and within their mobile app. By using CleverTap’s engagement platform, BookMyShow’s goal was to optimize push notifications response rates and test multiple campaigns across their user base.

CleverTap was able to help BookMyShow simplify both procedures by using our world-class analytics dashboard to process their data on a real basis, using targeted notifications and unified user profiles.

Results Matter

The next goal was BookMyShow wanted to broadcast automated/scheduled push notification messages based on the customer lifecycle to all active and non-active users. BookMyShow used CleverTap’s prescriptive marketing tools for optimizing their current mobile marketing campaigns and updated their messaging strategy. After integrating CleverTap’s next gen mobile engagement platform, BookMyShow double users monthly activity and increased retention by 25%.

Future Plans

The number one goal for BookMyShow is to continue to increase mobile engagement and enhance the experience for mobile app users. They consider push messaging is an important component of their on-going communications strategy.

Today, CleverTap has given BookMyShow the mobile engagement platform they require to develop a deeper understanding of their customer and communicate with them in a more intuitive and targeted way by using push notifications. By personalization of mobile marketing campaigns, setting up data marts, BookMyShow can now track their users in a more effective way and enjoy a high-quality relationship with their customers.