Case Study

Allegiant used CleverTap push marketing campaigns to catch user attention and enhance fan engagement which resulted in increased conversion rates up to 19%.

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The Divergent Series: Allegiant - the movie

Allegiant is one of the best fantasy/sci-fi movies in The Divergent Hollywood series which was released in March, 2016. With a star-studded cast and an enigmatic storyline, the makers were anticipating a huge fan following and wanted to better engage and monetize this fan base. TopFan, maker of Celebrity apps, partnered with Allegiant to create the Allegiant app and to market them to their ever-growing fan base.

The Challenge

Increase fan engagement and to bring more fans back into the app

The Divergent movie makers wanted to capitalize on their already existing fan base by releasing trailers and clips in advance to their fanbase.   TopFan, their celebrity app platform wanted to reach out to their fanbase inviting them to watch exclusive pictures and clips from the movie ahead of its release in order to create buzz and increase fan anticipation.

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The Solution

CleverTap’s Push Campaigns

Using CleverTap, TopFan sent out a catchy push campaign to all the movie fans ahead of the release with a sneak preview of exclusive pictures and clips from the movie to capture fan attention and to keep them coming back to the app.

Key Results

These campaigns were successful in catching user attention and brought about great conversion rates and fan engagement.  Sending this push resulted in increasing app engagement by 19%.