Case Study

24me increased viewership of their tutorials by over 6% using CleverTap's triggered email campaigns

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24me - the company

24me is your next-generation calendaring and organizer app, syncing with your social networks, service providers and financials to keep you going every day, one task at a time.

The Challenge

Nudge users to watch their tutorial which was their best onboarding tool

24me identified that getting new users to watch their app usage tutorial was the best onboarding tool to get adoption of their features.  They wanted to track all the users who reached the tutorial page but did not watch the video and engage with them to make sure that they watch the tutorial. 

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The Solution

CleverTap’s 'Action/Inaction' email campaigns

24me leveraged CleverTap’s segmentation to track all users who clicked on the tutorial page but did not watch the video.  Using action/inaction email campaign, they sent out an informative email reminder to users to bring them back to the video page that resulted in increased viewership of the tutorial.

Key Results

Sending timely reminder emails to an audience group who showed intent but did not go through with the action led to 6% additional views of their tutorial