What’s New: Support for Windows 8 phones, tablets and desktops


We’re happy to announce the release of WizRocket SDKs for Windows Silverlight 8.0, Silverlight 8.1 and WinRT. WizRocket now supports all Windows 8 devices be it phones, tablet or desktops.

With the rapid rise of the Windows 8+ platform, we believe the CleverTap Windows SDK availability will let WP8 developers measure, retain and engage with their users more effectively.


WizRocket already has SDK integrations for Android and iOS platforms. With the Windows SDK release we now support all major mobile platforms. The  WizRocket Mobile Metrics dashboard gives you performance metrics of your mobile apps on various platforms in a single easy to comprehend interface.

WizRocket provides unlimited, comprehensive and blazingly fast user analytics for your mobile apps and websites. You can create targeted, personalized push notifications based on user actions and profile with just a few clicks. CleverTap supports SDK integrations for iOS, Android and Windows platforms.

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