Why finding the perfect app is a lot like dating

It is the month of February and Valentine’s Day is here! When I look around, I notice, singles are busy browsing dating apps to find the perfect match. Couples are booking getaways, buying gifts, planning surprises and making plans to spend a memorable Valentine’s Day with their beloved.

According to Tinder, last Valentine’s Day, their app usage increased by 7.6% while U.S. matches and U.S. messages increased by 6% and 5.2% respectively (Fortune 2016). This makes me wonder – Is finding the right app for a user a lot like dating? There are millions of apps for a user to choose from, and it is tricky to find the one that they like or love. Finding the right date takes time and effort, so does finding the right app for a user. To retain these hard-earned users, marketers need to put in efforts to engage and build loyalty over time. Men who do not call, text or communicate after the first date stand a risk of getting left swiped by their dates, just like users uninstall apps that don’t engage them with relevant and timely content.

Today, the App Store has millions of apps to choose from – just like dating apps have millions of users looking for the right person to meet. Dating studies have shown that a person knows whether or not they are falling for someone by the third date. Similarly, 80% of users uninstall an app after only using it once, so now you have to be even more efficient with your user onboarding process (@AndrewChen). If user onboarding is tedious, complicated and time-consuming, users will lose interest in the app.

Your partner would certainly not be amused if you goofed up while planning your Valentine’s date. It would be a good idea to make amends by sending flowers or a personalized note saying you would like to make it up to him or her. Similarly, if your app user has not returned after installing the app or placed items in the cart and not completed the purchase, it would be sensible to reach out to those user segments with an additional discount/freebie as an incentive to complete the purchase. CleverTap lets you efficiently segment users who have not returned to your app or those who have an abandoned cart purchase and reach out to them with timely push notifications to drive engagement and monetization.

Just like you would show your partner some love by caring for his or her likes and dislikes, app marketers should take care of user preferences by keeping a tab on their search history and previous purchases and use it to send them relevant content to enhance engagement. Communication is key to building a relationship with your date and with your app users. Timing is a crucial factor; too many desperate attempts to communicate after the first date can be a huge turn-off. Similarly, if you send too many relevant or irrelevant messages that are not scheduled properly, they will annoy your app users and could lead them to uninstall your app. Timing your push notifications at the right time and in context, will help capture their attention and increase user engagement instantly.

In any environment with so many choices, it is easy to be fickle. That is why it is really important to be thoughtful when looking to attract and engage mobile app users and why you should approach the process as if you were dating. Always try to make a good first impression, send the right message at the most favourable time and always work toward creating memorable moments. CleverTap’s offerings around real-time analytics, behavior-based segmentation, and contextual engagement are like your flowers, candy, and candlelit dinner. If you use them correctly, you can build a lifelong relationship with your users, one segment at a time.

The Trifecta of Personalization

Trifecta of personalization

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