What is the next generation of mobile analytics software

Mobile analytics software is at the core of a changing Data Science industry. With data-rich information that can be retrieved and evaluated across all smart devices, a competitive advantage is now available to marketers and developers on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, analyzing data is not always easy. What is the next generation of mobile analytics software that will catapult the app industry into the future? According to Sunil Thomas, CEO for CleverTap there is a variety of next generation analytic tools that will become essential to any developer’s toolkit.

Here’s an excerpt from his recent answer to a Quora analytics question that addresses the future of mobile analytics software.

  1. More Actionable in Real-time
    • In addition of batch data that enables you to analyze any past behavior, the future is to be able to offer developers the ability to analyze segments of users who meet a certain criteria in real-time.
    • Compare this to having a security camera that you place outside your home. You can always go back and review previous videos to figure out who came to your door for the past 20 days. The real differentiator is when you’re alerted at the exact moment when someone comes to your door – and you can set rules for those alerts (don’t alert me when it’s the mailman for example).
    • Currently with mobile apps – to react to specific moments when users are interacting with your app – and in the near future with IoT devices and the gobs of data they collect, this ability is going to be critically important.
  1. More Efficient with Data Science and Artificial (Predictive) Intelligence
  • Everyone has more raw data than she or he can handle and there will be new technology created/adapted to be able to quickly evaluate this data, uncover patterns that would have taken days or weeks to uncover, and predict trends or patterns for the future based on past actions and more.

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