We flew it a little in our backyard

We got a lot done in the past two months. On the company front we found out that even after your company’s incorporated there’s a slew of filings, registrations etc. that need to be done. We got that done thanks to a competent CA that Avlesh of WebEngage recommended. We’ve signed him up for good now.

On the product front we put our heads down and coded up a version that internally we call v1. It’s shaped up beautifully (at least that’s what we think ;-)). We have deployed the v1 version on a friend site just to see whether it survives the onslaught of real world traffic/data and it did. Happy to see it fly a little albeit in our own backyard. Not quite ready to hit the big league, but we know where we’re headed.


55 Billion

1 Billion

10 Billion