Using time of day to create segments and campaigns

One of the most crucial insights you can gain about your users is understanding when they perform activities in your app. People who are active early in they day may behave completely differently from night owls. Some businesses built around serving users at specific times of the day such as the morning commute or lunchtime depend on knowing exactly when users are active.

With our Time of Day Segments, you can isolate users who perform activities during any time window you define.

Let’s say you’re a business where the bulk of your user’s activity takes place during the lunch hour. You want to create a segment of users who Add Items to Cart during that time but do not go on to Purchase.

In our segment builder – selecting the Time of Day filter allows you to specify any time window you like for an event to occur within. This is a great way to isolate a group of users who are active (or inactive) during your most critical time of day.

Time of Day Segments

You can go on and create a campaign to engage with these users – perhaps offering them an incentive to complete their transaction before the window of opportunity closes for the day.


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