App User Lifecycle

Top ten tips to influence mobile users to download your app

There are millions of apps available for download on your smartphone and that is great news for consumers, but not so great for app marketers and developers. Competition is fierce and marketers and developers need to drive downloads and engage users with their app to climb the success ladder.

Driving downloads and acquiring users is crucial for new apps to analyze usage patterns optimize in-app features. Even the well-accepted apps need to keep driving downloads to keep us with competition and store ranking.

Shopping, education, gaming, food, cabs, ticketing or news apps, all need users to download their apps. There are many ways to promote your app, listed below are the top ten tips and tested ways to influence mobile users to download your app.

  • There are enough number of apps competing and targeting to win the same audience, to drive downloads to your app you should tune your app according to its targeted audience. Localization is a great way to connect with the users. Make the app listing and keywords accessible in a variety of languages to reach a wider audience.
  • Interesting freebies and discount codes also tempt users to download your app instantly. The real trick is to successfully engage and retain the users thereafter.
  • Blogging about your app and socially sharing it will lead to awareness about your app and its usage. Don’t get into the traditional forms of content marketing, make your blog fun and interesting to read, couple app marketing with relevant current topics to grab some eyeballs.
  • If you are not a blogger already, you might face some struggle building a readers base. It would be a good idea to publish a few guest posts and blogs on other publications and blogs that have an established reader’s base already. Choose publications and blogs that are relevant to your app, to reach your target audience.
  • Blowing your own trumpet does not work all the time. Put your PR skills to use, get some press coverage, talk about your product and its utility and get media to write about it too. Users often trust third party reports through reputed publications, so it’s a good idea to get some to drive downloads.
  • Make use of Slide Share to explain the finer details about your app and your journey as an entrepreneur. Skip the descriptions and focus on the graphics to make the presentation quick, to the point and self-explanatory. Your aim should be to spike the user’s interest so much that they would download your app.
  • Social media channels are a great tool to take your product to the masses. Talk about your product and stay connected with your users through social media. Staying in touch with your audience brings a lot of advantages, the feedback being the most valuable.
  • Respond to relevant queries on Quora. If you can convince users that your app will bring value to them they will definitely go ahead and download it.
  • A considerable number of potential users might not want to go through a lot of details about your app and its usage. Make a crisp video introduce your product to that segment of the audience.
  • Positive validation, the recommendation from experts and word of mouth are also sure shot methods to influence users to download and use the product. It brings in a lot of traction and makes your product go viral.


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