The top ten mobile apps for men in India in 2016

The era of smart devices has taken over the world. There is abundant useful information available at your fingertips. Whatever you might need there is an app out there for it. We have complied a list of the top 10 most popular mobile apps in India that can be used by men to make life easy and efficient.


Time to get a bit more organized! Evernote will make your life simpler by syncing all your notes across multiple devices and keep them at sorted at one place. It has check boxes and to-do lists to get you to the bottom of that task list each day.


Keep a keen eye on your stocks with the Money Control App. Money Control allows you to catch up with both the Indian and the Global market too. The key advantage of this app is that it is specially built keeping the Indian user in mind, it is available in both Hindi and English languages.

India Code Finder

Numbers can be tricky. PIN codes, STD codes, Bank ISFC codes, city wise radio station frequencies, this app has it all at one place. India code finder is just the right app that provides a detailed list of all the codes that you might need on a daily basis.


Social networking is an integral part of our fast-paced lives. Facebook is used by many to keep in touch with family and friends. It is a quick and easy platform to share pictures, videos and statuses and always stay connected with friends and family.

Expense Manager

Do you lose track of your monthly expenses and end up wondering where your salary vanished? Then its time you download Expense Manager on your phone. It is an easy tool to keep a track of all your monthly expenses. Its helps you schedule payments make recurring payments too. Expense Manager even helps you scan your spending behavior to help cut down on any unnecessary expenses.

Men’s Health Workouts

Men’s Health Workouts is your personal trainer that is always available for you. The app id preloaded with more than 20 of the magazines most popular workouts. It also has step-by-step instructions, to perform each exercise and a logging feature so you can keep a track of your weight and reps for each exercise.


Indians are traveling far and wide exploring different destinations across the globe for work and leisure both. Duolingo is a smart and convenient platform to overcome the language barrier that one faces while traveling around the world. It provides easy-to-follow lessons that anyone can complete in a couple of minutes. Fluency in one of Duolingo’s 10 languages is only a few clicks away from your smart device.

Sunrise Calendar

Sunrise Calendar will never let men forget any important dates or appointments. Surprise your loved ones with gifts on their special days.  Make life simpler and organized with the Sunrise Calendar, which can sync loads of apps together like Google Calendar and Facebook. Personalize the app by adding your own features like favorite sports teams, holidays and even stock market updates.

Delectable Wines

A modern man knows his wine well. If you wish to impress your business associates or your date learn a thing or two about your wine. Delectable wine helps you with all the information you need about your wine. Just click a picture of the wine and find everything about it right from tasting notes, ratings by wine experts, and more. Delectable Wines will also suggest wines with similar taste profiles that you might like.

Tie Deluxe

If you don’t know how to Tie Tie this is the app for you. This app gives you detailed tutorial of 13 tie knots (Simple, Double, Small, Half Windsor, Windsor, Kelvin, Saint Andrew, Pratt, Balthus, Neoclassical, Cross, Cavendish, Atlantic) and a bow tie.

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