The secret sauce for developing a top 10 mobile app

There are millions of smartphone users around the world with billions of apps at their fingertips. Only a handful of apps makes it big while others don’t even get noticed. Educational, gaming, banking, dating, shopping, and fitness. Apps of all kinds have flooded the app store. What is the secret sauce for developing a top 10 mobile app? If you want your app to crack the success code and stand out from the crowd, this is what you need to know.

CleverTap has composed a list of the most important aspects of building a top ten app that is sure to climb the success ladder.

  • Research – A little bit of research would be necessary because your app is going to have a tough time battling it out with 1.6 million Android and 1.5million iOS apps in the app world out there. Studying the market will help you derive insights about business competitors, their strengths, and weakness. Such insights would help you develop a better product with features that the users want.
  • Innovation – People are always attracted to innovative ideas. Serve something unique and useful that draws attention towards your app and boosts its popularity.
  • Build Natively – User interface is completely different across different platforms. Developing a cross-platform app might allow you to reach a wider audience at once, but it will ensure that your audience gets a second-grade app experience, hence ruining your app UX.
  • Data efficiency – Apps that rapidly consume 3G or 4G data, or do not run efficiently at low data speeds are sure to lose the users attention. Building an efficient data product is an absolute must to figure in the user’s good books.
  • Focus On The User – Keep a tab on your target audience. Is your app able to help the user? If your app does not help the user, chances of it becoming popular are bleak. Keep your focus on solving real user problems to develop a successful app.
  • Develop a Sharable App – If your app is of value for the user it’s a good idea to make is socially shareable. Easy share buttons would help users spread the word about it.
  • Beta-Test – It is always a wise to move to thoroughly beta test your app at various levels, before launching the app to the open market. That way your app can avoid getting negative feedback as user reviews.
  • On boarding – Despite developing a great app, a tedious onboarding process could be the first factor discouraging users from exploring the app. Quick and easy onboarding, sign up through traditional social media channels, and a great UX has to power to make your app an instant hit with the users.
  • Data Analytics – Data backed analytics are very useful to study user behavior. App developers can use segments, cohorts, and funnels to understand user behavior and derive valuable insights from it to improve customer engagement and retention.
  • Customer Service – Customer service might seem like a very small aspect of app development, but contributes majorly towards app success. So make sure that you act promptly on customer feedback and grievances too.


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