The Sailo App has the boat rental business in your pocket

If you’ve had the arduous experience of renting a “dream” boat you’ll be excited to know that there’s an “App For That”.   For a mobile entrepreneur it is pretty uncommon to enter the app market without high competition, it’s even more unusual for an e-commerce platform that is marketing high ticket items over $2,000.  Sailo has done just that.

Arkady Fridman, CleverTap’s Product Evangelist had a chance to catch up with Adrian Gradinaru, the founder and CEO of Sailo ( at WeWork in New York.  Think AirBnB for sail and powerboats.  Sailo is a newly launched iOS app that allows owners and renters seamlessly and elegantly to go through the process of searching, exploring and renting your perfect boat in Tampa, the Hamptons, New York, Fort Lauderdale, Key West, Miami Beach, Palm Beach, New Port and the US Virgin Islands (more coming soon).  If you’ve gone through the process of renting a boat, you’ll know that this is a very fragmented marketplace where you have to scour several different sites across the internet and patchwork the results from platforms ranging from Craigslist to TripAdvisor.

Adrian explains that the extreme accuracy of their data is based on the “ground work” they meticulously conduct to ensure the most pleasant user experience when renting boats for private charters directly from boat owners.   They’ve just come out of Beta testing their mobile app with explosive growth where they’ve strategically focused on cities with warmer climates.  He discusses his most fruitful marketing strategies, in-app personalization and top mobile analytic KPI’s for growth.

We wish Sailo continued success and expansion.   Watch the video interview below to learn more.


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