The mobile habits of connected teens

Nowadays, there is an indispensable connect between people and their palm-sized, smart devices connected to the internet. Most people confess that they never leave their smartphone alone. These smart devices are always within the reach of their hands 24×7. Most people reach out for their mobile device first thing in the morning even before they step out of the bed. We use our smartphones as phones, planners, watches, cameras, alarm clocks, planners, reminders, music and video players, store to shop for all our needs and most of all, a device to stay virtually connected to the outer world.

Being online is nothing less than a fad for these young lads barely in their teens. According to the latest report, 92% of teens are found to be online on a daily basis. Out of these 26% go online “almost continuously” as per the latest study from Pew Research Centre. 56% respondents comprising of the sample size for the study were aged 13 to 17 who are used to go online several times in a day. Whereas, 12% have been reported to go online at least once on a daily basis, and only 6% go online on a weekly basis. A meager 2% are assumed to go online less than once a week.

Mobile devices power the current frenzy for access. 75% of these teens aged 13 to 17 possess or have indirect access to a smartphone. 30% have a basic mobile phone versus just 12% teens who don’t have access to any mobile phone.

Facebook is a rage amongst teens. It also happens to be the most widely and frequently used social media tool with nearly a 71% of teenagers who are active on Facebook. Half of these are also hooked on to Instagram and SnapChat.

Usage of social networking tools has seen a diverse pattern amongst teens in the past few years with a majority of teens reported to be using more than one social networking platform from within seven options listed for them. A mere 22% of these teens use only one social networking platform, with 66% of them patronize Facebook, 13% use Google+, another 13% use Instagram and 3% use Snapchat.

Boys are more frequent visitors on Facebook as compared to their counterparts with a ratio of 45:36. On the contrary Instagram is preferred more by girls with a 23:17 girl is to boy ratio.

A primary reason for the huge drift from television viewership to a mobile device is due to 44% of the teens who prefer to watch online videos rather than watching television. After coming across a topic of interest on television 71% teens tend to search for relevant information online about the said topic.

All these years gaming has consistently been rated as the most popular content accessed online by teens, worldwide. 76% of teens enjoy playing games online versus 64% of the general population.

These amazing teens surprise us with their multitasking abilities with 92% of them latched onto two devices at the same time including Television, Personal Computer, SmartPhone, and Tablets. Moving on with our research, we found out that not less than a 35% of these teens are engaged with their Personal Computers, Televisions and Smart Phones simultaneously.

45% of teens use their Smart Phones to access online resources and content, with each one of them spending 8.2 hours online on an average, on their Smart Phones every week.

Tablets are the fastest growing smart devices after the Smart Phones. They have become a must-have among the teens, and its usage has seen the fastest growth in the last one year with 74% of teens spending the same or more time going online from their Tablets. More than 1 in 5 teens today uses a Tablet to access online content.

Overall, teens continue to be the fastest growing market for mobile app consumption and social media. As digital media becomes more integrated into daily teenage life, parents and teachers can begin to identify the unique educational opportunity the mobile app market will bring in engaging teens in new and informative ways.


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