TappedinLA: How Vet on demand keeps pets healthy

 For those of us that live in Los Angeles, it may appear that almost everyone owns a dog. Tiny dogs hanging out in purses, sitting at restaurants, and running around in coworking spaces, are all the norm. It’s not a surprise then, that  Vet on Demand’s team decided to move from Nashville to LA. Currently located at WeWork Santa Monica, David Victor, Vet on Demand’s Co-Founder & Head of Product, sits down with us to talk about the vet industry, mobile engagement strategies, and on-demand apps.

Vet on Demand is a video application that allows pet owners to chat with a licensed vet. As the cost of veterinary care has been increasing, pet parents find that it may be too expensive to take their animal to a vet for a minor issue. It’s can also be time consuming and not fun for the animal to be transported to the vet. Vet on Demand is solving this problem by giving people access to licensed vets who will let them know if they should come in person immediately, and give owners the peace of mind they need.

The company uses a dual pricing model – one that is subscription based, and one that is priced per call. Victor found that in order for pet parents to provide the best level of care, they need access to a vet at all times, which works well as they don’t feel financially impeded with the subscription model for ongoing care. In terms of mobile engagement, weather and location-specific messaging are useful within the app so pet owners can be aware of their surroundings and conditions in relation to the health of their pets. With the US Pet Industry growing 200% over the last 20 years to a $60 billion market and $16 billion of that coming from vet care costs, Vet on Demand is poised for success as first to market in the growing pet industry in the on-demand app space.


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