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TappedinLA: How on demand service BuddyTruk is the new Uber for moving

The on-demand economy is growing rapidly, and Los Angeles is the home to a significant amount of on-demand startups, including BuddyTruk, the Uber for moving. On-demand services are currently an $18.5 billion dollar market, which is estimated to represent 4% of the total addressable market with a projected 13.5% compound annual growth rate through 2030. In summary: Opportunity.

BuddyTruk aims to connect you to a mover with a truck in under ten minutes, and the company has experienced rapid growth since they launched in Santa Monica in 2014. We sat down with BuddyTruk’s Head of Marketing & Creative Director CJ Johnson, who is often seen representing the company at tech startup events and panels in his blue BuddyTruk t-shirt. BuddyTruk can be considered a utility on- demand app and some consumers may say that moving isn’t that interesting. But the fact that BuddyTruk brought on CJ to head up marketing, who has a strong entertainment background, speaks to the company’s interest in brand building and visual storytelling with a focus on local, grassroots marketing efforts.

CJ says for BuddyTruk, much of their user acquisition so far is from referrals and word of mouth, which is the cheapest form of marketing out there. Moving doesn’t happen on a regular basis, so to keep their community engaged BuddyTruk focuses heavily on social media to stay top of mind across channels. In the on-demand space, in particular, it’s important to understand your local market and make sure the brand is integrated in an authentic way. As the space becomes more crowded, and more regulations come in to play, this is an industry with a lot of movement and opportunity. In the meantime, we are enjoying the benefits (who doesn’t appreciate an in-home massage?), and companies that are embraced by their local communities will have the staying power to ride this need-it-now wave. Watch the interview with CJ from BuddyTruk below.


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