Taking a Chance…

It’s funny but just mentally out of our fancy corporate jobs and somehow it already feels a lot more exhilarating. There is a sense of speed, a sense of risk, a sense of scare and worry, a sense of what-if-we-don’t-make-it, a sense of what-if-we-actually-make-it and many more… it is great to be feeling all this!

We feel that the biggest difference in a big corporation is that for every manager out there trying to encourage innovation there seems to be almost ten standing in the way of it.

“I know we have a winner here…but I just can’t get my boss to take the risk…”, “…hmm … Is anyone else doing this?” are typical questions and conversations we’ve been privy to at different organizations.

A startup on the other hand is so different. Of course the small team helps, but the bigger thing that helps is one singular focus. Everyone is passionate about basically the single seed of an idea…everyone is looking for how to make a positive breakthrough towards that single and stated goal. Unlike a big corporation I feel everyone is a heck of a lot more focused on “what there is to gain” as compared to “what there is to lose”.

Take A Chance

Our simple frame of mind right now is that we are going to be chasing our idea. Something crazy, something wacky … but we feel something that can be terribly useful to web site owners. Come what may, we are going to give it a solid shot, an attempt with all our strength, will and intelligence behind it. We really feel that there is nothing to lose, even if it fails. We are taking our chance!


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