SV Startups 100: CleverTap makes the Hot 100 Silicon Valley Tech List

CleverTap was honored to make the SV Startups 100 list for our innovative new mobile analytics platform that helps developers build personalized app experiences.

The SV Startups 100 is a media project that introduces the top Silicon Valley startups in the tech industry. SV Startups 100 collaborates with Silicon Valley-based venture capitalists, incubators, and media outlets to select the most promising startups that plan to advance to Asia and all over the world.

Check out SV Startups 100’s in-depth  interview with our CEO, Sunil Thomas and learn more about CleverTap’s entrepreneurial story and how we successfully raised $9.6 million dollars. Sunil offers insightful advice for other startup innovators and discusses how our technology can increase engagement and retention for developers who are about to launch a new mobile app.

  • Most of the brands and new companies send bloggers review units to get coverage. But best way is to organize small meetups and discuss about products and then send them the products.


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