App User Lifecycle

Growth retention success tips on how to master mobile engagement

How do you master mobile engagement and growth retention? On average, 90% of apps are downloaded and never used again. As such, it’s critical to build in targeted, personalized messages and user experience to drive repeat usage. Push notifications, in-app messaging, and email all drive engagement back to the app. Deep linking, remarketing on Facebook, and re-engaging users that have uninstalled an app via email are additional strategies to help make your app successful.

In a new article on Medium written by Kara Dake, Product Evangelist for CleverTap features advice and tips from Henry Lowenfels, VP Business Development for Scopely;  Peter Wilkniss, VP Engineering for CleverTap and Jud Hogan, National Sales Manager for Ambush.

Whether you’re developing or marketing an app, increasing long-term retention is the key to success for your business.

Find out how to increase mobile engagement and user retention with tips from a panel of leading experts in the mobile space. Learn what’s a good benchmark to hit within a couple months of launch to show investors traction and how to leverage that information to increase revenue for your app. 

Learn more about the future of mobile here in this informative new article.




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