Status update – October 2014

Happy to announce that we now have mobile SDKs for Android and iOS platforms. Some customers have already updated and rolled out their apps with the new SDKs. So far, we’ve seen a 40-60 split between the mobile app and web traffic, with the mobile growing week over week.

We currently process about 350+ million events a month.Our peak incoming traffic was 18 million events in a single day, and we’re happy to report that our existing infra took on this surge without showing any signs of strain. The entire platform continued to perform well and real-time.

We’re still in private beta, and have on-boarded over 40 customers globally. Our customer mix today comprises of companies doing – e-commerce, travel planning, event ticketing, productivity apps and price comparison.

We’ve decided to roll out the beta program to the next set of customers, if you’re interested in leave your email address here –


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