Startup Innovator Series: Personal training goes on-demand with Handstand

November 25, 2015


FitnessTech & Mobile Health are two buzzwords we anticipate we’ll hear a lot more of heading in to Holiday and 2016. The success of ClassPass and wearable fitness trackers prove this industry is well under way in terms of technology transforming existing systems. Tiffany Hakimianpour, Handstand’s Founder & CEO, realized the fitness trainer industry is also in need of disruption and now trainers, instructors and fitness coaches come directly to you, in under an hour, via the app.

Launched in January 2015 in Santa Monica, Handstand is a part of the Science Incubator and has recently expanded to Orange County, with other major cities coming soon. Handstand’s members can pay for a monthly membership or single-session pricing, and most members utilize the app 2-6x a week, an indicator of strong weekly active user-ship and metrics founders (and investors!) love to see in terms of engagement.

Handstand’s marketing team keeps their users engaged using push notifications, sharing & referral tools (great for post-workout sharing with friends when endorphins are high), and email newsletters introducing your personal trainer.

Watch here as Kara Dake, CleverTap’s Product Evangelist, interviews Tiffany @ OneRoof Coworking in Venice, California:


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