Startup Innovator Series: Meet Saucey on demand alcohol delivery service

Kara Dake, Product Evangelist @ CleverTap, sat down at WeWork with Daniel Leeb, Co-Founder & CPO at Saucey. Saucey is an on-demand delivery app for beer, wine, and spirits. Order from your smartphone and have your delivery arrive in 30 minutes.

Saucey launched in 2013 in LA and is now in SF, San Diego, and Chicago. The company was recently featured in Business Insider as one of the top 25 hottest LA startups to watch in 2016, and Mattermark named Saucey as the 2nd fastest growing startup in LA under $10 mln raised, according to Mattermark’s algorithm. Saucey does have competitors in the alcohol delivery space, but they are differentiated in they are the only service that handles the actual delivery in addition to alcohol orders. As orders come in, couriers pick up the items and then deliver to the customer, which provides Saucey much more control over the quality of the service. And they can scale up and down easily based on demand.

According to Leeb, Saucey acquires it’s mobile users via Facebook ads, Google AdWords, events, outdoor and subway campaigns, and word of mouth. Once a user has installed, many users immediately make their first order. If they don’t, Saucey sends them through a conversion cycle of email campaigns including a welcome email, and emails with examples of how and when they can effectively use Saucey. The app is often used for parties and events, but a large percentage of orders are made for personal consumption. The company also uses ‘Happy Hour’ offers for new users to drive first-time conversions.

In terms of messaging, Saucey incorporates personalized email and push messaging that slightly pushes the edge, due to the fun and active nature of their business. The company has experienced success with highly personalized email campaigns, where the email message is from a real person from the Saucey team, using plain graphics, vs. fancy HTML. Users are also served unique app experiences based on their behavior. and Saucey intends the app to act as your personal alcohol shopper. If you love cabernets, for example, Saucey will cater your app experience based on those preferences, and recommend products based on your previous purchasing behaviors.

Congrats to Saucey on their increasing success. According to Co-Founder Daniel Leeb, his one tip for entrepreneurs is “Anything that needs to get done in your business is your responsibility. You need to take full accountability that those activities and milestones need to be hit.” Watch the full interview here.


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