Startup Innovator: MoviePass a New Theatrical Subscription Service

If you love going to the movies it can get expensive. The average cost of one movie ticket is $15.00, plus if you add popcorn and soda, you’re easily going to spend $25.00 a film. A new app called MoviePass addresses that problem with a new subscription service that allows members to see unlimited movies in theaters for one low monthly fee.

How does it work? MoviePass lets you see one movie a day in theaters for a fee of $30 to $35 per month, depending on what city you live in.

The good news is more than 3,700 theaters in the US participate, including all major movie theaters. You can only purchase one ticket at a time, and it doesn’t apply to 3-D and IMAX movies.

Check out Arkady Fridman’s new interview with Ethan Mantel, Director of Marketing for MoviePass and learn more about this cool new service. Find out MoviePass’s plans for the future and how they are enhancing customers movie experience with their new app.

Author: Shawnee Swarengin

Shawnee Swarengin is the Vice President of Content Marketing for CleverTap. She oversees content strategy and creation for the company leveraging her extensive 15 years experience as a brand marketing executive for top tier companies like Bandai Namco Entertainment, Demand Media and other leading start-up companies in the tech space.