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Quick tips to track app user engagement and increase mobile retention

How do you track app user engagement to increase mobile app retention and brand loyalty? As a first step towards engagement, it’s critical to your app’s success to understand what your current user engagement is.

In our recent Quora post, we outline two basic steps:

  1. Track your daily un-installs … how many people un-install your app daily
  2. Track your app-launch to app-launch retention cohorts
  • How many users open your app
  • How many users return to your app
  • What are your retention metrics for day 1, 3, and 7

With these two pieces of data you can work on your engagement strategy:

  • Using timely, relevant and contextual push notifications is a great way to get your non-returning users back. (if the notifications are not timely and relevant, you will risk losing them also)
  • Adapting your app to your users behavior is a good tactic also…but takes good design and development effort. For example, if a news app shows me more sports stories about my favorite team. If a movie ticketing app highlights the venue that I always go to on the top of the screen, its great.
  • Re-targeting to your users when they are in other platforms like Facebook or simply browsing other sites is also a proven way to improve engagement (this does cost you money for advertising though)

Overall the magic word towards user engagement is PERSONALIZATION. The more ways you can find to make your users feel recognized and treat them as individuals, you will win!

You should check out CleverTap, we provide a lot of these things out of the box. For example, you can track un-installs, run what we call Clever Campaigns, segment your users for user action triggered campaigns and also personalize all the interactions for your users as you grow.

Good luck.


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