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Optimize campaigns for Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Black Friday is what the US retailers consider the mega shopping event of the year where traditionally all retail stores stay open till late and offer promotional sales to shoppers.  In 2015, for the first time, brick and mortar companies took a back seat to online shoppers. Adobe Digital Index reported that that shoppers spent $2.74 billion online on Black Friday, an increase of 14.3 percent over 2014. There were $905 million in mobile sales, representing 33.2 percent of all sales as opposed to 27 percent in 2014 and an estimated 36 percent of all online sales.

Let that sink in – 36% of all online sales in just a weekend.

Sazze Inc., the publishers of apps like Deals Plus and Black start planning their holiday campaigns about 6 months in advance gearing towards these high-volume events that extend all the way from Thanksgiving day through Cyber Monday.  They are one of the premiere shopping coupon providers reaching over 50 million users per month, and they offer discounts from over 28,000 stores. is consumers’ one-stop shop for millions of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals every thanksgiving season. Using their app, buyers can accumulate offers from hundreds of shops with just a few clicks.

Every year during Black Friday, they send out millions of timely push notifications providing their users a chance to grab the best deals before they’re sold out.  And every year, they end up outperforming themselves. When millions of these users hit their app during the holiday season, CleverTap helps them track these users via Live User Segments in real time to deliver push notifications instantaneously. They use CleverTap to track the performance of these campaigns, using the reports to double down on better performing campaigns.

What sets Saaze apart is how they have been able to weave their campaigns around tried and tested trends and patterns year after year to generate revenue and engagement that surpasses their rates from previous years.  Their product managers are laser-focussed in picking their segments based on the time window when users are most likely to click on a coupon, common trends among like-minded shoppers, etc and applying them to push out notifications that helps them double their engagement year over year.

With the use of funnels, the product team identifies the time a user take between launching the app for the first time, and adding coupons to their list of favorites. They use this information to setup an on-boarding campaign to nudge first-time users who didn’t add a coupon during the timeframe with a timely push notification reminder.

The product team was also able to create segments based on correlations between product viewed & time of the day when this segment was most active say for e.g electronic products were viewed mostly between 8-9PM. This helped the marketing team send notifications to those users who were most likely to open the app at that time, with the appropriate product category. They were also able to identify power-shoppers by source and serve messages via those channels to bring them into the app again and again.

Most successful e-commerce apps don’t waste a single moment during such critical timeframes. By identifying abandoned cart scenarios ahead of time with pre-defined segments, and engaging users with triggered campaigns, retail apps manage to create 30% more conversions.

CleverTap is proud to empower such teams who create conversions out of these almost-lost opportunities.  And with 2016 Thanksgiving and Black Friday right around the corner, we are ready to take on yet another challenge, to recreate another memorable year for all our commerce apps.


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