App User Lifecycle

Mobile personalization for every stage of your customer journey

The mobile app space is booming at the rate of 10,000 new apps per day, and that translates into somewhere in the neighborhood of 180B (yes, Billion) annual app downloads.

If you’re building mobile apps, that’s a huge mountain of competition and tremendous pressure to make sure your customers have a relevant and engaging experience every step of the way.

As Forrester say’s, “success in mobile app development means creating great customer experiences.”

And in today’s world, “great customer experiences” mean personalized experiences. Put another way, the best customer experiences are the ones that treat customers as if you designed the experience for them, personally.

Sounds impossible? Well, it’s not. But there’s only one way to make that happen; leverage data.

CleverTap helps developers leverage data at every stage of the customer journey.

Getting started

So, you built your app but don’t know how to approach on-boarding, early engagement and attrition prevention? Maybe you’ve got a push notification SDK but you’re not sure how to design you first few campaigns. We’ve got the answer for you. CleverTap’s provides Clever Campaigns, six out-of-the-box programs that take less than five minutes to launch (e.g. d3/d7 reminders, uninstall emails). We use the data that’s already available to help you get started with little effort.

Custom events and analytics

As your app gains in popularity and usage, you’ll want to begin to tailor the user experience based on user activity. CleverTap provides a full suite of tracking and analytics tools and reports that enable you to track user actions (e.g. purchases, downloads, added to cart) and attributes (e.g. loyalty, interest and social data). Armed with real-time user data, you can design custom campaigns and create data-driven customer journeys. By personalizing the experience, you’ll dramatically improve conversions, increase user adoption and tailor user experiences to better meet your customer’s known needs.

Create dynamic apps using CleverTap’s API

The holy grail of mobile app engagement is creating a one-to-one experience for users. CleverTap allows you to integrate point-of-sale, social or other third-party data into your user profile. With a rich and deep understanding of your users, you can build a customer experience inside your app that changes for each user. Segment users based on loyalty or purchase history and dynamically render different products, backgrounds and messaging at the code level. Apply your customer data to build dynamic apps and provide the ultimate personalized customer experience.

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