Mobile dating habits of men and women

Modern technology is forever changing and upgrading. Mobile has changed the way we do things like shopping, work, connect and even the dating habits of men and women. The world is going online with secure and higher mobile internet connectivity.

A lot has changed since the dating apps have become so easy to use, safe and are easily accessible. The increase in the popularity and the number of mobile users proves that it is being accepted by more and more people with every passing day. Online or mobile dating has the unnecessary stigma attached to it and people from all age brackets are using mobile dating to meet their someone special. A majority of people now believe that mobile dating is a good way to find love, connect and meet people.

About 15.2% of people on the online dating sites are between the ages of 18 – 24, whereas 33.3% are in the age group of 25 – 34, while 25.8% are the ones between the age group of 35 – 44, 12.1% are those between 45 – 54 years, 9.1% are from the age group of 55 – 64 and 4.5% are of 65 years or older.

Maximum users of mobile dating are in their mid – 20’s through mid – 40’s. However the people in the age group of 45 – 54 are just as likely to date through mobile apps as those between the 18 – 44-year-old bracket. Though there is a “thin dating market” meaning that they will have a relatively limited number of available choices when looking for a compatible partner, for the people of 35 – 54 years age group, there is also a school of thought that states, it is most useful to people in this age group.

Around two-thirds of mobile daters have gone on a date with someone they met through a dating site or mobile app. Many mobile daters take help from their friends to create a good impression. Around 22%, that is approximately one in five mobile daters ask friends to help them create or review their profile. If we compare data, the results are 30% of female mobile daters take help from friends to craft an interesting profile compared to 16% of men.

Online dating users spend an average of 22 minutes each time they visit an online dating site that adds up to approximately 12 hours per month.

Finding your partner no longer just involves meeting someone at a bookstore, workplace, bar or any random place. Finding your soul mate requires becoming the master in the art of mobile dating.

You probably figured which dress to wear, what place to meet and how to write a thoughtful thank you note but have you figured the rules of mobile dating? Yes, just like etiquette for conventional dating there is such a thing as mobile dating etiquette too – and knowing the rules can make a lot of difference finding your date. It is better to play safe than end up wondering “What went wrong? We had a real connection.â€

Facts not Fiction

As popularly fabled “honesty is the best policy”, it is advised to be truthful about who you are. Do not lie even on the smallest event. Studies show that many people lie about various things on their profile like age, height, weight and income only to disappoint their date when they step out of the virtual world to actually meet.

Studies have found that 81% of online daters reported inaccurate information on at least one of these three characteristics on their profile.

  • 60% lied about their weight
  • 48% lied about their height
  • 19% lied about their age

Remember that initially if someone likes you and starts chatting with you, he/she would eventually want to meet. All your lies will be revealed on the big day. It will be a total turn off for your date. Whatever you may do or say after that might not repair the damage.

Be Specific

While filling out a dating questionnaire or writing your profile or bio, be as specific as possible. Think carefully about yourself – who you are and what you want, what are your distinct characteristics. Mention your likes and dislikes, success and failures and all that you feel needs to be shared within the respectable limits. Remember that your date has only what you mention as the reference to make up his/her mind about you. Mention your hobbies and leisure activities that you like to do. If you like music, you can touch upon your favorite bands or singers or the type of music you prefer. Share your interests and values that matter to you. Your honesty will draw like-minded people towards you.

Use an Apt Photo

It is not mandatory to post a picture of yourself along with your profile details, however, the chances of making a connection increase if you post your picture.

Some tips to keep in your mind when posting your photos.

  • Use a recent picture.
  • It must be a solo picture.
  • You can use photos that support your interests.
  • Avoid flattering, glam shots.
  • Put multiple photos.
  • No photo-shopped images.

Don’t Share Personal Details

It is advisable not to share any personal contact details on a mobile dating platform. Don’t give away your address, phone numbers or any other contact information on a public platform. While most people on the internet are as normal as you are, however, there are exceptions. So better to be safe than sorry.

Accept Rejection

A recent survey found that 42% of women who have signed up for online dating have received harassing and uncomfortable messages whereas only 17% of men can say the same. Be a sport. Learn accept “no” for an answer. If somebody does’t like you, that does not mean nobody else will.

Take Your Time

If you do find someone you like, take your time and virtually date them, chat with them over social networking and messenger apps. Do not rush into meeting them, until you both are comfortable. You have your phone with you at all times, stay connected even after your first actual date.

Using these basic pointers to find your online or mobile dating, will help you make your mark.Hope you find this article helpful in finding your date.


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