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How to develop a mobile app on a budget

How much does it cost to development a mobile app for your brand? A recent analysis by Ken Yarmosh of Savvy Apps, an app development agency, he cites two different sources who suggest ranges from $90,000 to $210,000. What are the alternatives if you have a limited budget but have a great idea?

In today’s competitive market, there are a few options available:

1) A subscription-based app development platform that any user can afford provides a monthly or one-time payment for membership. It offers the ability to create apps code free and publish apps quickly for the IOS or Android store. This service is a cost-effective template based solution if your app does not require multiple features and is a tool to promote your brand. The downside is it will have limited functionality and may look like hundreds of other apps out there. Overall, it’s a cheap and cheerful solution that will have your brand available on mobile instantly.

The service providers include App Press, AppMakr, and Mobile Roadie. The average cost is under $1000.

2) A custom development solution that requires a setup and monthly service fee if you’re working with a freelance developer and designer to build your mobile app. Most development programs will allow you to create apps through HTML, drag-and-drop platforms, customize templates and SDK integration for your messaging platform choice. This option enables you to customize your app, provide multiple features and will offer your users a more engaging experience.

The Service providers include Adobe PhoneGap, TheAppBuilder, and Shoutem. The average cost is under $10k.

3) An app developer marketplace connects people with agencies and freelance developers who can produce and manage your app project. It’s an online referral service that features agency and freelancer ‘s professional profiles, app portfolios, recent customer feedback, a payment management solution and bidding system. This type of solution offers a complete design and development solution, including project management and access to thousands of developers to produce a high-quality app.

The Service providers include AppFutura, Yeeply, and AppIndex. The average app development ranges in cost. You will set the budget price, and the developers can bid on your project.

What is the best option for choosing a partner to develop your mobile apps? A high-quality mobile app requires time and effort to produce. On average, mobile app development will require a minimum of eighteen weeks before it’s ready to publish.

What will make your mobile app stand out from the competition? Hiring a freelance developer or agency can be a challenge. Whether you choose to work with a remote or local team to produce your app, a well-defined brand concept, user experience and target audience is critical to the success of your mobile app.

Afterward, prepare a launch checklist before publishing your app.

1. Make sure you understand and follow the Apple and GooglePlay program policy and requirements before submission.
2. Test for quality, does your app have any bug or design issues? You can check your app’s quality against a short set of quality criteria that applies to all apps.
3. Determine your apps content rating. The available content ratings are Everyone, low maturity, medium maturity and high maturity.
4. What is your distribution strategy? Will you launch your app globally and do you require any localization needs for language and design graphics.
5. Confirm your app’s overall size. Currently, IOS apps must not exceed 60MB and GooglePlay 50MB.
6. Decide if your app will be free or premium priced. If your app will be free but offer in-app purchase, you must first set up a merchant account with both IOS and Android platforms.
7. Prepare app icons, screenshots and video trailer for your App Store landing page.
8. Consider a soft launch of your app in one or two countries before a global launch. It’s always valuable to get real world feedback first to update any features or fix bugs. This simple task can increase your user ranking and App Store rating.

By following these simple mobile marketing tips by CleverTap, you can ensure a more successful app development and product launch.


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