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Marketing tips for taking your business mobile

Mobile phones have revolutionized the way we communicate. If we stop to look around, we will notice, that every single person is carrying a smartphone, even kids. Statistics reveals, by the end of 2015, the number of connected devices will skyrocket to a whopping 4.9 billion.

Mobile Marketing has become more important for any business on or offline. In fact, it could prove to be a turning point for any entrepreneur. If your company does not reach and appeal to the mobile consumer, you could end up losing a huge revenue stream. If you haven’t already planned your mobile marketing strategy, it is about time you give it a serious thought and act upon it.

The first tip towards mobile marketing for your business should be setting up a mobile site and application. Smartphone users want to search for services and products on the go like restaurants, car rentals, cabs, etc. To enhance user experience your website should be easy to view on smartphones and the user interface should be crisp and clear. Google search gives a preferential advantage to sites that work across all kinds of devices, so it would be best if you ensure that a single URL works for desktops, mobile phones, and tablets. Your business can easily cash on the online traffic in this manner.

Groceries, furniture, clothes, technology, people prefer buying most things on their smartphones to save time and effort. If you intend to sell your products and services to the online audience outside your physical store, then you must have a system in place to collect online payments. Make sure that the payment system is reliable for the consumer and cost for your business.

Keeping users engaged on your online store is essential to your success. Use a mobile engagement platform to retain your customers through push notifications. As soon as an existing or new customer logs into your shop, send a coupon or discount code for instant use to drive revenue and increase brand loyalty.

The latest trend in increasing the mobile usage of any site is to introduce a loyalty program. Tailor your incentive program to reward existing customers and entice new customers to return. Again text messages, email, and push notifications can be used for discounts, flash sales, and first purchase offers through the app.

Smartphone users connect daily with friends and family through their social media accounts. It’s a great word of mouth mobile marketing tool for your business. Using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Yelp to talk about your product can help you spread the word and reach your target audience. Exclusive offers via social networks can be an excellent marketing tool for offering promotional discounts and reaching new customers.

On the last note, I would like to state that every buyer is a consumer too. Wear a consumer’s hat and think intelligently about your smartphone usage and buying habits. Apply this knowledge to your mobile business to increase engagement and work towards your mobile marketing plan more effectively.


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