Life with the second customer

It’s been almost two months since the last post but we’ve got good progress to report.

Our strategy was to go alpha live with 5 close customers who can help us flush out product requirements, use cases and to test our scale. We didn’t want to build a “lab” product which is dead on arrival since no one needs it. To that effect, we’re now live with two installations and will soon onboard the third customer. The first one has been live since about 3 months now. The second customer has about 8x the traffic of the first one and I’m happy to state that our existing infra pulled on well without requiring any tweaks or additional servers.

Thankfully, the existing architecture and product design works well for some new use cases that we’re encountering as we go along.

We’re taking baby steps and will continue with limited exposure until we’re ready to hit the big league.


55 Billion

1 Billion

10 Billion