What’s New: Identify the same user across devices

Most of us use multiple devices to access the same online product or service. For example -We might browse products on an e-commerce site using their mobile app, but then make the purchase when we’re using a laptop.

Most sites struggle to identify the same user across multiple devices and end up treating them as multiple users.

Presenting  Unified User Profiles – Easily identify the same user across multiple devices and see the entire consolidated user history in one convenient place.

With Unified User Profiles, you can now finally discover how users are actually using multiple devices to access your product or service.

WizRocket stores user’s demographic data (gender, age, education, location), app and site interactions, campaign visits and transaction history to give you a complete picture for every user.

WizRocket integrates with your website via JavaScript and has SDKs for every major mobile platform. Getting started just takes a few minutes. Interested? Sign up here –



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