App User Lifecycle

How to use data segments to understand and target your customers

Understanding your customer behaviour is not a one time job but a recurrent exercise you need to do as a part of your overall product management. Your business evolves, so will your customer personas & how they behave within your ecosystem.

The easiest way to understand customer types is to bucket them by the point at which they are in your overall customer journey. This way allows you to not only analyse personas, or profiles of users on an atomic level but also lets you look at a trend for a cohort of users.

Something like:


CleverTap is one tool which allow you create such detailed segments based on events user perform as well as some common user properties.

EG: Bucket 3 would be a data segment of – All users who Installed the app and went of the view the product but did not add to cart.

You can then go on to action this segment using various engagement channels like push, email, in-app and SMS etc. in real time.

To learn more about how to measure and track in-app events, check out our article on how to increase user retention.


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